Survival of the Dead

Immediately following the events of Diary of the Dead, Survival of the Dead is the 6th film from George A. Romero to look at a world where humans are in the minority and zombies rule.

As the battle between humans and zombies escalates, the master filmmaker continues to reinvent the modern horror genre with wicked humor and pointed social commentary.

  • Director
    • George A. Romero
  • Writer
    • George A. Romero
  • Cast
    • Alan Van Sprang
    • Kenneth Welsh
    • Kathleen Munroe
    • Richard Fitzpatrick
  • Producer
    • Paula Devonshire
  • Executive Producers
    • George A. Romero
    • Peter Grunwald
    • Artur Spigel
    • Ara Katz
    • Dan Fireman
    • Patrice Theroux
    • D.J. Carson
    • Michael Doherty
  • Co-Executive Producers
    • Jeff Glickman
    • Jesse Ikeman