How to be Indie

So you're different.  Your name is Indie ("Indira" to your parents), you're 13 and your only job is to grow up.  Sounds simple enough, but things get tricky when you're trying to blend in at school but your traditional parents are pretty fond of their old-school values … So what's a girl to do?  Try to make it work in her own unique way.

  • Created By &
    Executive Producer
    • John May
    • Suzanne Bolch
    • Vera Santamaria
  • Cast
    • Melinda Shankar
    • Marline Yan
    • Dylan Everett
    • Season I produced by Heroic Film Company / Season II co-produced by Heroic Television and Sudden Storm Entertainment
  • Executive Producers
    • Jesse Ikeman
    • Jeff Glickman
    • Karen Lee Hall
    • Josh Scherba
    • Neil Court (season I)
  • Producer
    • Colin Brunton
    • Jennifer Pun
  • Awards & Nominations
    • 2012 Kidscreen Award
      • Kids – Best Non-Animated or Mixed Series
        • 2011 Geminis
          • Best Children’s or Youth Fiction Program or Series
          • Best Writing in a Children’s or Youth Program or Series: Anita Kapila, How To Get Plugged In
            • 2011 Youth Media Alliance
              • Award of Excellence, All Genres: 9-12